Intermediate CRV Training (6 weeks)

Your training begins with a thorough review and analysis of your knowledge of and practice work in Basic CRV. You must have completed the required number of hours of session work to move into the Intermediate level of training.

If your work does not meet the requirements for Intermediate training, we can discuss options available to you and help you decide how you would like to proceed. See more information on Mentoring and Troubleshooting.

Advancing into Stage 4 of a CRV session, you will discover how to report perceptions from your target in much greater detail – on demand – a ‘giant leap’ from Basic class. This, as well as CRV ethics, is the emphasis in your application-style session work.

You will learn to use a highly structured matrix designed specifically for Intermediate level session work to describe the physical relationships of different – or similar – elements at a target site, report on conceptual aspects relevant to a target, gain unique information using techniques for movement in time and space, as well as acquiring information from the people at the site.  This demands a mastery of the CRV protocols at a whole new level, and a full appreciation of the ethical implications of your actions as a viewer.

For the first time in training, in-session analysis is allowed, teaching a CRVer how to dig for the ‘kernel of truth’ so often buried in pictures generated by the conscious mind during a session.

New strategies and troubleshooting techniques are introduced for sessions with complex targets which will require hours of session work to complete.

To find out more about Intermediate CRV Training, select “Intermediate CRV Training” on the Contact Us page.  Payment for this and all other programs can be made through PayPal.

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