CRV Troubleshooting

For nearly a decade I reviewed, analyzed, scored and rated hundreds of CRV sessions from students at the Basic level all the way up to the post-grad and project team operational level.  As a result I have developed a deeper understanding of the CRV process and an even greater appreciation for the real need for effective troubleshooting techniques designed to work in session. These could mean all the difference in your session work.

I’ve discovered that many of the trouble spots in your session work have common elements at their source.

Whether you’re just out of Basic, Intermediate or Advanced, or whether you’re gearing up for my Operational CRV Training Program (OCTP) to become a professional CRVer, now you can benefit from some of the most valuable strategies I developed to help some of the best, top-notch viewers of our generation.

Some of the titles for these Modules are:

  1. Keys to Unlock Your Castle Building
  2. Uncovering Undeclared Stray Cats
  3. Check Out Those Sketches
  4. Dancing in the AI
  5. Lethal Lingering
  6. Under the P: 4!
  7. Session Summaries the Professionals Use

Each of these Modules is designed to dive into and investigate where the trouble spots occur, seeking out patterns from past sessions and then applying effective strategies to get your session work back on track and get more site information.  Some strategies include adopting new techniques and others help you move past old bad habits.

If you’d like to find out more about this program, select “CRV Troubleshooting” on the Contact Us page. Payment for this and all other programs can be made through PayPal.

CRV Troubleshooting