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Why choose us?

Because I’ve been where you are.  You are probably no closer to understanding what CRV is really all about or who to believe even after reading through dozens – if not more – of amazing claims on countless websites, Facebook group pages and online training centres!

How many websites have you gone to wondering whether it was safe to reach out and press that “contact us” button?  I’ve been there. I get it.

I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that there is a boat load of mis-information out there.  But how can you tell who’s telling the truth?  And who else should you talk to before deciding once and for all who to trust to train you – properly? I totally get that, too.

If you’ve read this far and still have questions, you’ll need some answers before committing to CRV training. I can help you with that.

Here are some important questions you need to ask anyone who offers to train you in CRV: Who trained THEM in Controlled Remote Viewing? When? What level did they train to? How many years did it take them to reach their last level of training in CRV? Do they mentor their CRV students after they’ve trained them? Do they review their student’s session work with them and teach them how to improve? How do their students determine that their session work is improving? Do they have a method to record and track the progress and the level of accuracy achieved by their students? And what are their own levels of accuracy? And do they teach their students anything about the ethical implications and ethical practice of CRV?

Getting answers to these questions will let you know who you can trust and who you should consider.  Answers to these and other questions made the difference for me and other top CRVers when we went looking for a CRV Trainer.

My own CRV training began years after I first heard about it on an episode of Art Bell’s late-night talk show.  It was the late 90’s and he was interviewing one of the members of a secret U.S. Military CRV Unit named David Morehouse.  By the time the interview was over I was leaping over furniture trying to find something to scribble down the name of Morehouse’s book – “Psychic Warrior” – how cool was that!

There were a few books and magazine articles that answered some of the questions I had about CRV, but not all of them.  It seemed hardly anybody knew anything about CRV.  Book store owners stumbled over the proper way to spell ‘Controlled Remote Viewing’ while taking my book order requests.  What spurred my interest to find out everything I could was the answer to a question Art Bell posed to Morehouse during his interview.  Art asked whether anyone could learn CRV.  And Morehouse answered yes!

I shared my enthusiasm with my husband, Tom, who urged me to keep looking for more information and to dig a little deeper.  Over the next few years I read articles published by scientists researching ‘non-local awareness’ and what they called ‘anomalous cognition’.  I read books from Dean Radin, Joe McMoneagle, Dale Graff and Ingo Swann.  I slowly learned more about that secret U.S. Military CRV Unit and discovered the names of the people involved.

On my journey I met some charlatans along the way who lied to me, took my money and told me they would make me a remote viewer. I was naïve and they knew it. When I finally got my bearings and figured out who the real, qualified, reputable CRV trainers were, I contacted them one by one and finally found one that truly resonated with me. His name is Lyn Buchanan.

My search for credible information about CRV took place more than twenty years ago when qualified, reputable trainers were few. Now there’s so many people on the Internet, Youtube and on Facebook who are making that same claim. So who do you trust?  Who do you choose?!

The CRV training program I developed isn’t a ‘canned package’ that is doled out to everyone who signs up.  While the core of my program is based on Lyn Buchanan’s CRV training, your lessons with me are PRIVATE one-on-one sessions customized and tailored to suit your training needs. Take a look at my Testimonials page and see what other students from all over the planet have been saying about their training experience.

All of your lessons will be conducted online.  It makes sense that the next generation of CRVers be trained using technology we have all become familiar with lately, and which is now readily available to us. You will learn what CRV is, and what it is not.  You’ll learn all the classic CRV protocols along with in-session troubleshooting techniques, pre-session strategies, post-session analysis, methods to record and track your progress, enhancement exercises to increase your sensitivity and awareness and most importantly, you will have a clear understanding of the ethical use and practice of CRV.

Now it’s up to you.  If this kind of training and having private lessons resonates with you and the timing is right, Contact Us to find out more answers to your specific questions.  

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