CRV Training

Designed for the next generation of CRVers, your private training lessons will introduce you to the latest advancements in the ethical use and practice of CRV. This is not your ordinary ‘at home study course’.

This is a one-on-one online training program experienced in real time for new students coming into CRV, and for existing students looking to improve their session work.

To improve your session work: you will learn how to use tried and true troubleshooting techniques developed from my analysis of hundreds of CRV sessions over the course of nearly a decade. I mentored students at all levels of training, through to and including professionals engaged in client projects.

To strengthen your depth of contact at a target site: you will discover how to identify and incorporate a set of pre-session strategies into your session plans.

To heighten your sensitivity to sensory perceptions: you will learn new enhancement exercises which, when combined with CRV protocols, enable you to gain and maintain site contact more quickly.

To identify your own unique CRV strengths: you will discover you can actually track your improvement and plan your practice objectives using critical post-session analysis.

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CRV mentoring training and consultancy