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Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) is a highly structured, carefully controlled set of physical and mental protocols to allow a person to bring descriptive information hidden within the subconscious mind to the surface to the conscious mind, and then objectify it.

CRV protocols were developed in the 1970s out of efforts from the Stanford Research Institute. When a secret U.S. military unit was created to train its members in CRV, the objective was to have the Unit use CRV to gather intelligence information.

CRV protocols are different than remote viewing (RV) in the manner in which it is taught, studied, practiced, recorded, analyzed and the results databased with dozens of data points collected to pinpoint natural strengths and identify weaknesses in the viewing result.

CRV can be used to help locate missing people, describe events, locations, processes, timelines, geographical landmarks, archaeological and historical artifacts, to name just a few. With proper use of the CRV protocols, a trained CRVer can repeatedly provide accurate information from any period in time relating to a target, an object, a location, or an event.

CRV is an easy step-by-step process to learn. To master the process and become an excellent viewer can take years of practice using the CRV protocols, much like the commitment required of someone training in the martial arts. Only through a dedicated course of training, study and the ethical use of CRV can a viewer become the best they can possibly be, and that’s what my course provides to you.

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