Basic CRV Training (6 weeks)


(In your first 2 weeks – Getting Ready for Basic)
Introduction to CRV, what it is, what it is not, what you can expect to learn and accomplish, including the all important physical and mental groundwork for all CRV session work.

Stage 1 of a CRV session comes into play early in the program through hands-on practice, as well as learning how to incorporate a unique collection of enhancement exercises into your new daily routine, an indepth exploration of Lyn Buchanan’s Analogies, the creation of a personalized record, and one-on-one Question and Answer sessions with me.

To fully comprehend how a proper CRV session is conducted, you will begin to realize and understand how the subconscious is utilized in the CRV protocol, and the important role the conscious mind plays in the CRV process.


(In the next 4 weeks – Basic Training)
The mechanics of Stage 2 and 3 of a CRV session are covered extensively and closely monitored. Indepth hands-on practice techniques designed to acquire perceptions of target elements and help you improve your session work in the first 3 stages of a CRV session is the core of this program.

You will learn how to:

  • recognize imagination from real target information
  • acquire sensory and dimensional aspects of a target as if you are actually there
  • incorporate ambience training
  • ‘self monitor’ your work
  • document the graphical representations and the comparative aspects of a target
  • analyze, track and report your accuracy
  • look for patterns and signs that will emerge over time

Learn the rules of CRV, learn why and how the proper format of a CRV session is key, and know how to design your practice sessions to better prepare yourself for the next level of training.

When you are ready for Intermediate, indications will appear in your session work to alert you that it is time to move forward and further your training.

To find out more about Basic CRV Training, select “Basic CRV Training” on the Contact Us page.  Payment for this and all other programs can be made through PayPal.

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