What a gem. Thanks Coleen!

“I am mid way through the same course as Ray just took with Coleen. What a tremendous course. She trouble shoots your weaknesses and personalizes a program that works for you. The results are awesome. I really feel like I am in more control of my sessions and getting much better information. My problem with castle building is taking great leaps in improvement. She is a good teacher.

On the personal side, her one-on-one mentoring has so many advantages. For one thing, she trains you, not a group. She gets to know you as an individual. She can address fears and concerns of yours in a discreet way. Her own personal experiences are invaluable.

And…. this works hand in hand with what Lyn [Buchanan] teaches. You don’t skip a beat making any adjustments.

Before Coleen I really felt like Ray. Something was missing in my work. I really wanted to be better than I was. Lyn is an excellent teacher, but I still needed more. Coleen is that more. After feeling like I was reaching a dead end of my evolution as a CRVer, I now see my growth leaping ahead and I have to say, I am very excited about this. Doing targets has become very fun.

What a gem. Thanks Coleen!”

– Dan Chevalier from Connecticut, U.S.A.