She is a wonderful educator and trainer!

“All I can say is Wow! To Start – Coleen had me perform a session so that she could evaluate where I currently stand in my viewing — I think I thought I should have scored better – I tested and scored at the average intermediate level. So the course she selected for my mentoring was the “Getting Ready for Advanced” class.

This is a one-on-one 6 week course that gave tips, hints, new ideas and a range of other processes to improve and to raise the level of my CRV skills. I was actually overwhelmed with the amount of information she provided along with the quizzes, exercises, session work and journals that I was expected to complete on a weekly basis. Finally – this is Exactly what I needed and was looking for to help raise the bar on my CRV session work.

I wish I could explain to everyone what Coleen actually taught me but I will say this – for the amount of time and effort that Coleen puts into every session, every Skype call, all the evaluation work she does – in my opinion she has a Very Fair price for the services she offers, where the level of the training is second to none.

I have taken training from a lot of different people in my career and Coleen easily surpasses 98% of them. She is a wonderful educator and trainer.

So, if you want to get out of a rut; take your Viewing skills to the next level; get ideas to help areas where your skills are lacking; evaluate where your skills are in your training or just to learn new ideas to take you beyond what you could imagine – I Highly recommend taking Coleen’s mentoring courses. Before she gets too busy. Because she just has too much demand for the courses she offers. You cannot lose by taking any of her courses.

I do know that after I practice what I have been taught for the next 4-6 months and assimilate and digest all the information I was given — I will be back for the next course. It is worth Every dollar she asks for these courses. I have enjoyed, cursed, and had many Ah Ha moments while taking this course and I have learned a Lot. I am very happy that Coleen accepted to mentor me and I appreciate all the help I have been given and have been offered as an after course follow-up. It has been Fun and very helpful. Thank you Coleen!”

– Ray McClure from Ireland