I am very excited about the training that is ahead of me.

“Every prospective student ought to be required to take the [Getting Ready for Basic] program. It takes hearing a thing 3+ times for the average person just to remember it, much less understand new and/or complex topics. Any and all preparation for the CRV training can only make the experience richer and more ‘digestible’.

This program was an excellent opportunity for me to get comfortable working with the disciplines and familiar with the ideas, and gave me a place to speak freely about my experiences and have my questions answered. I imagine that it will prove to be an invaluable asset as I enter the level one training. Having these weeks to create a disciplined approach and to receive the depth of mentoring that provided the rationale behind the structure of the protocol was very satisfying. I already have a greater depth of understanding about how this level of precision can inform my life and I am very excited about the training that is ahead of me. I highly recommend that anyone considering the CRV training take the mentoring program.

From my own experience in training people in a few short days to practice disciplines that are complex and challenging, I know how much more a student will remember and understand if he or she takes this mentoring program before training. Just do it. You will be glad you did.”

– Raven Dana from Ohio, U.S.A.