..what makes Coleen’s program stand out is the thoroughness of her one-on-one lessons.

“I originally went to Coleen as I felt that I was “stuck” in my CRV sessions.  I didn’t know what questions to ask to get more information from target sites and the information that did come through would quickly dry up.

Coleen taught me a systematic way of viewing that broke down the various elements of the viewing site so I was able to “see” and describe them more clearly.  I learned to work with distance and time. My drawings improved dramatically. She taught me to bring all my six senses into play.  My sessions went from 22 pages in the beginning to 44 pages in my last Intermediate session for her.  My accuracy improved throughout my lessons.

I think the thing that really makes Coleen’s class stand out is the thoroughness of her one-on-one classes.  The systematic approach that she teaches in her Intermediate class was what enabled me to double the descriptors from my target sites. She teaches you to differentiate between ambience and other pure information.  She is flexible, supportive, open minded, and very motivating. I looked forward to every class and, honestly, wished they wouldn’t end.

I would recommend Coleen Marenich’s class to whoever wishes to take a really deep dive into controlled remote viewing.”

 – S. Smith from the U.S.A.