My session work has clearly improved since working with Coleen.

“After I finished Lyn Buchanan’s on-line course, I felt that I needed additional help with my session work.  I continued my training with Coleen Marenich.  Working with her has been an amazing experience.  She personalized her course particularly to address my strengths and weaknesses.  I cannot thank her enough for her thoughtful and candid critiquing and troubleshooting of my session work. She has a no-nonsense approach and got straight down to working on what I personally needed to do in order to develop and improve my skills.  She is a professional, experienced, thoughtful and effective teacher.

My session work has clearly improved since working with Coleen.  In addition to gaining a priceless new relationship with my subconscious, I have more tools and a better understanding of how to effectively work a session. I have learned a tremendous amount about myself as well, and I now feel that I have an excellent foundation and am confident about moving forward to intermediate level work.  I highly recommend Coleen to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their CRV work.  I feel tremendously fortunate and grateful to have her on my team.”

– Julie R. from Chicago, U.S.A.