I have learned a life skill from Coleen and I will be forever grateful.

“I have been interested in remote viewing since 1995 when I heard about it on a radio program. Initially having a great deal of skepticism I tried to set it aside as just another outlandish story but it just kept coming back to me as something I needed to prove to myself.

Over the years I explored various CRV course opportunities however nothing seemed to fit for my schedule or budget. Most of the available training required travel and offered short 3 to 5 day courses. (I have come to the realization there is a great deal of information to digest in a 3-5 day course.)

Then I found through Lyn Buchanan’s CRV website a list of his past graduates that were offering training, there I found Coleen Marenich. Coleen’s unique 6 week basic online training showed me that it is indeed very real and I can do it, that realization was exhilarating. Coleen is extremely patient and thorough. She is generous with her time, has a pleasant calm approach and trains with a strict set of protocols that show results.

I have learned a life skill from Coleen and I will be forever grateful of the journey she guided me through.”

– Mike from Calgary, Canada