Coleen’s OCTP course greatly helped to increase my skills as an operational RV’er.

“Coleen’s operational training program is THE course I was looking for to overcome my problems, to increase my strengths and to learn new strategies (I didn’t know before!) to enhance my viewing skills.  In operational project work, one can face certain problems when very specific, in-depth knowledge is required.

With her huge knowledge and her long-time experience as CRV project manager, Coleen is a great and understanding teacher: very structured, guiding, kind, pointing to weaknesses and showing how to turn them into strengths, giving advice and explaining new strategies to quickly get laser-sharp session results.

It was an absolute stroke of luck to find her and a great pleasure to work with her. I can highly recommend her as a teacher and a person. Whoever wants to learn CRV relevant techniques to increase their skills in operational RV’ing… take her course.  🙂 ”

– Markus from Germany