She has the knowledge and real world experience to work through a viewer’s challenges

“Having known Coleen since 2002, I can say that she has the knowledge and real world experience to work through a viewer’s challenges as well as strengthen his/her abilities in order to take the viewer to the next level of training.

Her commitment to get to the nitty gritty of my session work has been an integral part of my steady progress from Basic Class through to becoming a OCP graduate and finally working with Coleen in real world CRV operational work.

I haven’t seen anyone in the CRV community work harder towards helping a student achieve success.”

– Jeremy

I feel lucky to be in the hands of such a skilled, compassionate and patient mentor.

“I’ve been fascinated by remote viewing for years, but it wasn’t until I met Coleen Marenich that I actually felt comfortable exploring this interest. Too many remote viewing proponents promise students the sun, the moon and the stars – but they neglect to mention that remote viewing is hard work that requires study, structure and dedication.

Thankfully, Coleen provides mentoring that’s realistic about the time commitment, but which makes the process as enjoyable as it is enlightening. There’s no doubt Coleen knows remove viewing inside and out, and she’s able to share her passion for the process in a way that’s contagious and motivating. Taking the introduction module gave me a great comfort level for pursuing additional CRV training with Coleen. With a subject that’s as complex as controlled remote viewing, I feel lucky to be in the hands of such a skilled, compassionate and patient mentor.”

– J. Brown, Calgary, Canada

Coleen Marenich is an exceptional mentor

“Coleen Marenich is an exceptional mentor. Her extensive knowledge of CRV and experience as a PM, Analyst, Viewer and Mentor gives her unique perspective when evaluating session-work. Not only can she identify where improvements can be made, but she also explains how to achieve such results. With her guidance, my session-work went from good to extraordinary; especially with regard to the amount of detailed information I was able to glean from the target. Coleen was also able to direct me in getting these perceptions from my head to the paper, conveying them clearly and concisely in summaries and sketches. I highly recommend her!”

– Keythe, Montana, USA

Invest in mentoring from Coleen

“I’ve known Coleen since I was a Basic student in 2004. Under her tutelage, I have become a far better viewer than I otherwise would have been, and I have insight into my CRV work that I wouldn’t have gained in any other way. If you’re investing the time and money in learning how to become a remote viewer, invest in mentoring from Coleen and amaze yourself with where your CRV skills can take you.

CRV students who have decided to become operational viewers have always had “The Coleen Advantage”, because she’s the one who developed and runs the CRV Operational Certification Program. In that program, she’s taken very good viewers and made them excellent viewers. Now that her expertise is being offered to viewers of every level, everyone will be able to benefit from her years of experience and insight, not just those who’ve reached the highest levels of CRV training.”

– Post-Advanced CRVer Jan 09

I feel lucky to have found her

Learning from Coleen was truly fun, it’s very easy to see that she is not only very knowledgeable but loves teaching CRV. I looked forward to my sessions, all questions I had were resolved and I feel I really developed. I feel like I came away with a great basis on which to practice and grow my skills and a great love for CRV also. I feel lucky to have found her and look forward to further study with her in the future.

– Mercy, Australia

I am very excited about the training that is ahead of me.

“Every prospective student ought to be required to take the [Getting Ready for Basic] program. It takes hearing a thing 3+ times for the average person just to remember it, much less understand new and/or complex topics. Any and all preparation for the CRV training can only make the experience richer and more ‘digestible’.

This program was an excellent opportunity for me to get comfortable working with the disciplines and familiar with the ideas, and gave me a place to speak freely about my experiences and have my questions answered. I imagine that it will prove to be an invaluable asset as I enter the level one training. Having these weeks to create a disciplined approach and to receive the depth of mentoring that provided the rationale behind the structure of the protocol was very satisfying. I already have a greater depth of understanding about how this level of precision can inform my life and I am very excited about the training that is ahead of me. I highly recommend that anyone considering the CRV training take the mentoring program.

From my own experience in training people in a few short days to practice disciplines that are complex and challenging, I know how much more a student will remember and understand if he or she takes this mentoring program before training. Just do it. You will be glad you did.”

– Raven Dana, Ohio, USA

She is a wonderful educator and trainer

“All I can say is Wow! To Start – Coleen had me perform a session so that she could evaluate where I currently stand in my viewing — I think I thought I should have scored better – I tested and scored at the average intermediate level. So the course she selected for my mentoring was the “Getting Ready for Advanced” class.

This is a one-on-one 6 week course that gave tips, hints, new ideas and a range of other processes to improve and to raise the level of my CRV skills. I was actually overwhelmed with the amount of information she provided along with the quizzes, exercises, session work and journals that I was expected to complete on a weekly basis. Finally – this is Exactly what I needed and was looking for to help raise the bar on my CRV session work.

I wish I could explain to everyone what Coleen actually taught me but I will say this – for the amount of time and effort that Coleen puts into every session, every Skype call, all the evaluation work she does – in my opinion she has a Very Fair price for the services she offers, where the level of the training is second to none.

I have taken training from a lot of different people in my career and Coleen easily surpasses 98% of them. She is a wonderful educator and trainer.

So, if you want to get out of a rut; take your Viewing skills to the next level; get ideas to help areas where your skills are lacking; evaluate where your skills are in your training or just to learn new ideas to take you beyond what you could imagine – I Highly recommend taking Coleen’s mentoring courses. Before she gets too busy. Because she just has too much demand for the courses she offers. You cannot lose by taking any of her courses.

I do know that after I practice what I have been taught for the next 4-6 months and assimilate and digest all the information I was given — I will be back for the next course. It is worth Every dollar she asks for these courses. I have enjoyed, cursed, and had many Ah Ha moments while taking this course and I have learned a Lot. I am very happy that Coleen accepted to mentor me and I appreciate all the help I have been given and have been offered as an after course follow-up. It has been Fun and very helpful. Thank you Coleen!”

– Ray McClure, Ireland

Coleen’s performance is absolutely over the price of the course

While I was training with her, Coleen was always present and willing to help me with her great experience. Her teaching in her Operational CRV Training Program (OCTP) was at a very high level. Her ability to explain and to help me – in detail – in all the different phases of the program impressed me. Coleen helped me learn how to do operational-level session work with different contexts and different taskings. It was very important to me to have very detailed feedback on my session work for every session done. I felt that I was dealing with a professional and competent teacher. It was great to feel supported by her as my trainer, and Paul O’Connor as my mentor. I had a great time during this program! Coleen’s performance is absolutely over the price of the course.

– Danilo Barzaghini, Switzerland

Coleen is an indispensible member of your team

“Coleen has devoted years to mentoring and analyzing the session work of CRVers at all levels of training. Looking at your session work, she can tell you where you’re doing well, diagnose problems or potential problems, offer workable solutions to those problems, and get you on the right track to being the best viewer you can be.

With Coleen’s mentoring you won’t have to ask yourself “Am I ready for the next level?”, because you’ll know. You won’t wonder how to get over the inevitable hurdles that arise between classes, because you’ll have a coach right there with you, answering your questions and concerns.

I believe people who become great in any discipline always have a team of experts behind them. For the serious CRV student, Coleen is an indispensible member of your team.”

– Post-Advanced CRVer Dec 08

Coleen is a GREAT teacher AND mentor!

“I’ve worked with Coleen since 2000 and have had the opportunity to observe Coleen’s mentoring and teaching skills as she willingly took on this role in our business environment at my request. Coleen’s personality presents a patient, methodical and soothing manner of teaching, while her mentoring style is to encourage the individual to reach for their goals, seeing “mistakes” as successess for having tried!

A good teacher is someone who knows their material and passes on that knowledge. A GREAT teacher is someone who not only knows their material, but also strives to learn more, listens to others and has an open mind to be taught and mentored themselves. In my opinion, Coleen is a GREAT teacher AND mentor!”

– L.J., Calgary, Canada

I am deeply grateful to Coleen

“I have just finished the Basic CRV training with Coleen. What a gift to begin to learn this tool to explore the possibilities of consciousness! Coleen’s skilled and patient guidance through Basic is just what I needed to relax my mind enough to trust what I am only beginning to sense. She seemed to know where I was feeling stuck before I was aware of it and guided me in ways that allowed me to see, and more importantly, learn from what was going on.

I really enjoyed the format of the course. To be able to work online with Coleen, then practice what I learned allowed me to have the time to digest what I could, see what I was not clear on and come back with questions for the next session.

Even now, after the Basic course, what I learned from Coleen continues to develop…I am more and more conscious of things that were just in the background of my awareness before Basic, both as I do practice CRV sessions, and more importantly in my daily life.

I am deeply grateful to Coleen and look forward to when I am ready to take my next CRV class with her. “

– D. Doyle New York, USA

What a gem. Thanks Coleen!

“I am mid way through the same course as Ray just took with Coleen. What a tremendous course. She trouble shoots your weaknesses and personalizes a program that works for you. The results are awesome. I really feel like I am in more control of my sessions and getting much better information. My problem with castle building is taking great leaps in improvement. She is a good teacher.

On the personal side, her one-on-one mentoring has so many advantages. For one thing, she trains you, not a group. She gets to know you as an individual. She can address fears and concerns of yours in a discreet way. Her own person experiences are invaluable.

And…. this works hand in hand with what Lyn [Buchanan] teaches. You don’t skip a beat making any adjustments.

Before Coleen I really felt like Ray. Something was missing in my work. I really wanted to be better than I was. Lyn is an excellent teacher, but I still needed more. Coleen is that more. After feeling like I was reaching a dead end of my evolution as a CRVer, I now see my growth leaping ahead and I have to say, I am very excited about this. Doing targets has become very fun.

What a gem. Thanks Coleen!”

– Dan Chevalier, Connecticut, USA

I can recommend this training to anyone

“I met Coleen prior to taking the CRV Basic Course in 2002. CRV training was a real “eye-opener” and provided real experiences of what is possible through the use of this exciting and valuable method. Throughout my CRV training, through to and including the CRV Advanced course, I was impressed with both Coleen’s supportive coaching and the teaching method of Lyn Buchanan. I can recommend this training to anyone seeking to benefit from the use of remote viewing.”

– Shawn J., South Africa

I wanted someone who stands above and beyond the rest.

“When I first started looking for a remote viewing instructor, I wanted someone who stands above and beyond the rest. That’s exactly what you get with Coleen Marenich! World class instruction brought to you by Skype, you can’t get any better than that. Several weeks of mentoring and direct study is far greater than a few days of everything thrown at you.
Having a family, full time job and just all around busy, I wanted a program that was flexible and didn’t sacrifice quality and this was that. Great instruction and challenging at times, exactly what I wanted.
Coleen has a very rare ability to keep you focused and stay on track. She has a great understanding of the relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind, only the result of years of study. She truly has a world class Resumé and has worked with and trained some of the best.
I’ve just finished Basic and can’t wait to start Intermediate. Thanks for everything Coleen!”
– Brendan H., Buffalo, N.Y., U.S.A.

“Getting Ready for Basic” – I will approach basic training with confidence.

“Extensive reading and personal experience lead me to CRV. On completing this introductory course I recommend it. The six weeks of study has laid in a firm base from which I will approach basic training with confidence. Performance anxiety and other related issues have been put to rest.

The instructor is always positive, attentive, insistent on doing it properly. Where the modules introduced the essential ideas, Coleen offered other analogies, one of which would communicate the point of view needed.”

– D. Beatty, Edmonton, Canada