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Why us?

Because I’ve been where you are.  Reading website after website, wondering what CRV is all about.  Wondering whether you should reach out and press “contact us”.  Wondering who else you should talk to about CRV before you decide whether you can trust someone to train you – properly. I get it.

If you’ve read this far and still have questions, press the “contact us” link below. You’ll need answers before you commit to CRV training. I can help you with that.

My CRV training began years after I first heard about it on an Art Bell late-night radio show. I researched it, read books and magazine articles about it, and talked to whomever I could looking for answers. I had many exciting discussions about my findings with my husband, Tom, who strongly encouraged me to pursue this cool thing called CRV.

I met some charlatans along the way who lied to me, took my money and told me they would make me a remote viewer. I was naïve and they knew it. When I finally got my bearings and figured out who the qualified, reputable trainers were, I started contacting them and finally found one that resonated with me. His name is Lyn Buchanan.

That was over fifteen years ago when qualified, reputable trainers were few. Now there’s so many out there who are making that same claim. Who do you choose?!

Ask them these questions: Who trained YOU in CRV? When? What level did you train to? How many years did it take you to reach your last level of training in CRV? Do you mentor your CRV students after you’ve trained them? Do you review their session work with them and teach them how to improve? How do your students determine that their session work is improving? Do you have a method to record and track their progress and their level of accuracy? Do they? And do you teach your students anything about ethics in CRV?

These were the very things that made the difference for me and other top CRVers when I looked for a CRV Trainer.  Now I do these same things for my students. And more.

This isn’t a ‘canned package’.  Your lessons are PRIVATE one-on-one lessons customized to suit your training needs. This is what training the next generation of CRVers looks like.

Using newer technology you will learn all the classic CRV protocols along with troubleshooting techniques, pre-session strategies, post-session analysis, methods to record and track your progress, enhancement exercises and most importantly, a clear understanding of the ethical use and practice of CRV – what it is, and what it is not.

So go ahead. Press “Contact Us” to find out more answers to your questions.

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